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Edge Of Fire - Whole Again tab

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This is my first tab. Hope its right and u guys enjoy it. I oni know half the song 

 G       D   C               Intro play 2x..

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      G                D       Em   C
I will love u till the day I die
      G             D               Em    C
I would tell u how much I'll need u everyday
        G            D           Em    C
for my life long to love some one like u
        G           D           Em      C
with a heart silhouetted the perfect passion

         Em                  C
I would try to be a better lover
         Em                C
I don't care if I lose my all
           G             D                Em   C
cause it's u I've been dreamin' for this life time
    C                                 D     (Em  C) <-- play abit faster
so here's my heart ,waitin' for u to take it baby

G         D       Em        C
  Come & take my heart tonite
G            D             Em        C
  cause it's u I've been waitin' for all the while
G         D                 C
  come & take my heart tonite
G           D        *this part same as intro*
  make me whole again   *listen 2 the song and u will understand*