Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - 40 Day Dream chords

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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros  40 Day Dream

Capo 1st fret.

(A) (D) (F#m) X4

ah (A) Mmm, I been sleepin' fo(D)r, forty (F#m) days and
(A) Yeah I know I'm shleepin' 'cause this (D) dream's too (F#m) amazing
(A) She got gold doorknobs, where her (D) eyes used to (F#m) be-eah
(A) One turn and I learned, what it (D) really, means to (F#m) see yeah, uh

(F#m) Ah (D), It's the magical mystery (A) kind
(F#m) Ah (D), must be a (A) lie, iii |W|
(F#m) Bye by(D)e, to the too good to be true kind of (A) love
(F#m) Oh(D)h, I could (A) die,iii |W|
(F#m) Oh (D) now, I can *(A) die

|W| Bass Walkdown: Play the notes A (A string, 0 Fret), G# (E string, 4th fret), G (E 
3rd fret)

*Downstroke the last chord (A) once, then mute the strings. Rest briefly. Palm-mute / 
the next A chord a total of 9 times. The tenth downstroke is the beginning of the next 
and is not muted.

(A) Ohh now, been sleepin' fo(D)r sixty (F#m) days and
(A) Nobody better pinch me, bitch I (D) swear, I'll go (F#m) crazy
(A) She got jumper cable lips, she got (D) sunset on her (F#m) breath now
(A) I inhaled just a, little bit, now I (D) got no, fear of (F#m) death now


(A) Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah (D) Oh, Ah (F#m) Oh, Ah
(A) Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah (D) Oh, Ah (F#m) Oh, Ah
(A) Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah (D) Oh, Ah (F#m) Oh, Ah
(A) Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah (D) Oh, Ah (F#m) Oh, Ah
I told the truth, you, making my front loosey?

*(A) Ooo AhhI, Ooo AhhI (D) Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah! X3

*Don't forget to sing falsetto for the A chord.

Palm-mute/Downstroke 9 times
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