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Electric Light Orchestra - Without Someone tab

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Without Someone 
I watch the cars move
                             F  Am  Dm 
I watch the lights up on the window 
I walk along the street 
I'm only thinking of you 
Gm                        F
I watch the clock staring from the wall 
It hardly moves at all 
It's you I'm waiting for.
Am       Bb     Dm        C
Without someone I can depend on 
Am         Bb     C
I'm lost without someone 
Am      Bb    Dm           C           Am        Bb     C
As I go on, I hope you're remembering I'm lost without someone.

All alone, no one around 
I watch the shadows falling faster 
The city lights begin to glow 
And then I start to realize 
I count the hours as they slip away 
Into another day 
Wondering where you'll stay.


Still watching the cars move 
Still watching the lights upon the window 
I'm walking down the street 
I'm only thinking of you 
I hear the night as it calls to me 
It plays a symphony 
It says you're gone from me.


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