Eliza Gilkyson - Jedidiah 1977 chords

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Standard Tuning

Key: Em

This is a great song based on a soldier in the American Civil War, written by
Eliza Gilkyson on the album paradise hotel.

|Em  |C Bm|
Played as
   Em       C   Bm
|----------3----2-------------|     x2

Em                  C
Jedidiah out in the snow
Am                 Bm
Walkin' the frozen trenchlines
    Am            F#m               Bm          Em(refrain)
Wet boots and his wool coat comin' apart at the seams.
Em                    C
Rations of hard-baked dough,
Am                  Bm
Handfuls of melting snow
     Am         F#m      Bm         Em(refrain)
What else can a man live on but his dreams?

Not twenty miles away,
in the mansions of Philadelphia,
Loyalists lay their money down on the king.
We've provision enough for the day,
but if victory were just for the wealthy
Our noble cause wouldn't be worth the hardship we're suffering.

C                    Bm
Send the cloth for a good waistcoat,
Am                             G
I dream of your hearth and the fields of oat.
  G                         F#m                   Em(refrain)
I awake to the drum and the trembling note of the fifer.

May it please God in His great mercy,
To shelter our friends and our family.
I remain your son most faithfully,

Verse 2:
I have seen a man,
who has seen a man who has heard the king,
Tell of his intention our independence to declare.

The peace will undoubtedly bring
A great revolution in commerce;
May it be our rightful fortune to come in for a share

Chorus 2:
My regards to a certain Miss Moore,
I've stated my honorable intentions for her;
That upon my return from this necessary war she'll be my wife.

May it please God in His great mercy
to restore the joys of domesticity.
Salutations to the family,

Chorus 3:
I rejoice that the cause we're engaged in
is in the hands of an Almighty Sovereign;
Who I doubt not is accomplishing the ends of His desire.
My love to you and the fair Miss Moore;
Spare me a bottle from the cellar store,
and in my name let the contents pour,
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