Elliott Brood - Hold You chords

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Elliott Brood - Hold You

A very powerful song about soldiers dying in the battlefield during WW1...

Standard Tuning
Capo 3rd fret


Am x8

You can do this little pattern in between times (listen to the song to figure it out)...

...and finish intro with:

F, C, G x 3

          C              E             F      C   G
Well I'll hold you in my arms till the wounds subside
        C               E              F            C      G
And we call out to the darkness as we pray for the coming light
   C                   E
We know now that your coming 
            F               G
We hear the rattle in your lungs
   C                      E
We know now that you'll never
 F               C   G    C        
Make the coming light of dawn

(or you can do the intro pattern ending in Am 4 times and the then, the pattern ending in F)

F     C     G 
hummm hummm humm
F       C    G   
Oh, I dream about you
       F    C      G
In the cold of the night

   C                E
We hold out for the moments
          F                    G
Though we know they'll never arrive
C              E
Held down undercover 
            F               G
beneath the cold and dirty skies
   C             E
We hold on to each other
     F            C G  C
For who wants to die alone

(Solo 1)Am
same pattern as intro

F     C     G 
hummm hummm humm
F   C       G
Hey we both know
       F     C     G
These lines won't move

   C                 E
We call now for our lovers
        F          C     G
As they lie by the river side
C                    E
Chased back to the moment
        F            C      G
By the sound of the coming tide

(solo 2) C, E, F, C, G x2

       C                   E
We're sure now that she's coming 
             F                C  G     C
Our written words, they won't die with us

E, F, C, G

   C                 E
We call now for our mothers
       F          C  G  C
In the end we all die alone

Am, G, C
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