Elliott Smith - Flowers For Charlie chords

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Flowers for Charlie by Elliott Smith
tab by alexander rex

standard tuning

t=ten      (10)
e=eleven   (11)
w=twelve   (12)
h=thirteen (13)
f=fourteen (14)
i=fiftheen (15)

D*      xx777t  DM7*     xx7779
Dsus2*  xx777w  G*       xx978t
G-5*    xx9789  G6*      xx978w
E7*     xx999t  E6*      xx9999
E*      xx999w  Eadd9*   xx999f
F#**    xxeeef  GM*      xxwwwi
A6      xxffff  D**      xxxfif

D       xx0232  DM7      xx0222
Dsus2   xx0252  G        320033
G-5     3x0023  G6       32005x
G*      32003x  E7       022130
E6      022120  E        022100
Eadd9   022102  F#*      x44322
A       002220  F#       244322
Bm      224432  GM       320003
Em      022000  Em7      022030

   D* DM7* Dsus2* D*  DM7* G*   G-5* G6* G* G-5* E7*  E6* E* Eadd9* E*  F#**riff      GM*  A6

D   DM7     Dsus2 D  DM7 G   G-5 G6
flowers for Charlie, you know
          G    G-5 E7 E6 E
I'm not a good  GI Joe
         Eadd9 E    F#*
'cause i always aim low
      GM    A
and i won't fight

D DM7 Dsus2  D DM7 G G-5 G6
you     popularity war
            G        G-5 E7 E6 E
i've been a clown in the corp
       Eadd9 E   F#*
taking over  the store
       GM  A
it's a cop out

F#            Bm
i don't wanna win
    D       G  Em
new friends anymore
           Em7       A  /B
there is a world within
F#      G    A
i can't come out

D   DM7 Dsus2 D
kiss me quickly
DM7 G  G-5 G6 G 
i'm in  a  hurry
G-5 E-7  E6  E  Eadd9 E F#*
and i've got worry     enough
          GM    A
trying to stay around

D* DM7* Dsus2* D* DM7*
G* G-5* G6* G* G-5*
E7* E6* E* Eadd9* E7*
F#**riff GM* A6

F#              Bm
i brought you a flower
D        GM    Em
from the other side
       Em7  A    /B
it's a free world
F#        GM      A
you don't have to hide

D* DM7* Dsus2* D* DM7*
G* G-5* G6* G* G-5*
E7* E6* E* Eadd9* E7*
F#**riff GM* A6

made in october 2013
v 2.0
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