Elmariachino - Dive chords

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                (Bubbles - Club for Divers Anthem)
 by George Assaf

Em                 G
Life is rolling, the wind is howling
D               Em
The sea is calling you
Em                       G
Freedomís waking, donít keep on waiting 
D                          Em
We can show you something new

Em            D
Down, down, down
G        Em7
Down we go
Down there is a world
With Bubbles it goes

Cmaj7           D
Heeeeeeeeey Ho
Heeeeeeeeey Ho
Cmaj7           D
Heeeeeeeeey Ho
Bm7              Em
Heeeeeeeeey Ho

Fish are reigning, the corals painting
Pictures that you never knew
Your heart is beating, your soul is breathing
Nature is treating you


Em            D                   Em7
Gear up and dive, into the blue
               D                Em
Sway, rock and jiveÖ I'll follow you


Sails are rising, the team is thriving 
All the feelings here are true
Friends are meeting, in adventure leaping
And together we sing too

(Chorus X2)
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