Elvis Costello - Almost Blue chords

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Artist: Elvis Costello
Song: Almost blue
Tabbed by: DJ
12th April 2013

Tuning: Standard


  Am     Am(maj7)  Am7   Am6      Dm7            Eaug   E7
|  /  /   /  /  |  /  /   /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /   /  /  |

Am      Am(maj7)    Am7        [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]   E7      Am     Am(maj7)  Am7
    Al - most blue,     almost doing things we... used  to do,
          [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]       E7       C          F     [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]  E7
There's a girl here, and she's... almost you, ...al - most!

Am      F/A  Adim                                C    Bb6          A
    All the things that your eyes once promised,    I see in hers too,
A/G               Dm   Dm/C      [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]  Eaug   Am     [ch]B7/D#[/ch]  Am
Now your eyes are red...     from cry - ing,      al - most blue!

F                 [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]                C       C#dim
    Flirting with this disaster be - came me,
Dm             [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]             F   Faug     E7
    It named me as the fool who only aimed to be...

Am     Am(maj7)     Am7               [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]   E7      Am    Am(maj7)  Am7
    Al - most blue,     it's almost touching, it will... al - most do,
         [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]        E7      C           F     Bm7b5  E7
There's a part of me that's...   always true.....al - ways,
Am          F/A          Am6       F/A             C    Bb6            A
    Not all good things come to an end, now it is only...    a chosen few,
Gdim               Dm      Dm/C  [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]  Eaug
  I have seen such an un - happy  cou - ple,
Am              [ch]Bm7b5[/ch]               Am         Am9
     Almost me, almost you, almost blue----!


Am      =  x02210    [ch]Bm7b5[/ch] =  x20201    A/G   =  302220
Am(maj7)=  x02110    C     =  x32010    Dm    =  xx0231
Am7     =  x02010    F     =  133211    Dm/C  =  x30231
Am6     =  x02212    F/A   =  x03211    [ch]B7/D#[/ch] =  xx1202
Dm7     =  xx0211    Adim  =  x01212    C#dim =  xx2323
Eaug    =  xx2110    Bb6   =  x13333    Faug  =  xx3221
E7      =  020100    A     =  x02220    Gdim  =  xx2323
                                        Am9   =  x07500
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