Elvis Presley - My Wish Came True chords

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My Wish Came True:Elvis Presley.
#12 on Hot 100 and #15 on R&B charts - 
RCA Records in 1959.

D                       D7    G
My wish came true..when I met you.
                  D            E
I've searched and searched..my whole
     A       A7
life through.

D                               D7
There's just one thing, dear, before
we start.
              D     A7            D
Don't say you care..then break my heart.
     G        D
Then break my heart.

         A        A7    A            D                       
When you speak of love..please be sincere.
For if you play with love..it can bring
F#m       A
tears, my dear.

A            D        D7    G
My wish came true..to my surprise.
               D        E7      A7
When you stood there..before my eyes..
E7        A7
before my eyes.

    A       D              D7      G
And when my heart..started beating fast..
             D     A7                     D    G D
t'was then I knew..I'd found true love at last.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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