Empires - Hayley chords

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Song: Hayley
Artist: Empires
Tabbed by: foundthvlvtsun7
Email: soccrrockr23@aim.com

Tuning: Standard

     A   E   Bm  F#m   
E|---5---0---2----2---|       *Note: This song can also be played
B|---5---0---3----2---|        with a capo on the 2nd fret. The chord 
G|---6---1---4----2---|        shapes would then be G (instead of A),
D|---7---2---4----4---|        D (instead of E), Am (instead of Bm),
A|---7---2---2----4---|        and Em (instead of F#m).

The strumming pattern is mostly up-strums, with a palm-muted down-strum
after every other up-strum. But it sounds fine if you do the whole thing
up-strumming as well.

Chorus x2:
A                           E
   Hayley, it doesn't even matter now
                   Bm           F#m     E
We could've truly had it all

Verse x1:
        A                                             E
They took him to the hills where they made him a star
Everyone loved who they knew from afar
They famed a deceiver, who wed a believer
             E                              A
With her fed, she conceived his little girl
Who oppressed called in danger
Torched his eyes with her anger
All the flashes captured daddy's dismay
        F#m                            E
And she took her life before she could run away

Repeat Chorus x1

Verse x1:
  A                                                 E
I went there, to the site they had said she would be
Too cold a world for a girl seventeen
I couldn't complete it, they wouldn't foresee it
         E                             A
Love is now where her life couldn't be
Oh, believe it can happen

Death is time's true companion
And the future takes a second to be
           F#m                    E
Close your eyes and feel what is happening

Repeat Chorus x2

A                                 E
  Hayley, the dark world took you under
Whatever made you wonder?
                  F#m     E
Whatever made you wonder?

End on A.

The lyrics aren't 100%, as far as I know, but you can at least
get a feel for the timing.
Feedback is appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions
or corrections!
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