Eric Dodd - What Do You Say chords

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Really simple song here guys. I know this 100% accurate

G Em C D

G D Em D

Solo is same as verse

Use a little creativity to figure out the picking pattern if you're a more 
advanced player. It's kind of like a quick up stroke only hitting the high E and B 
strings after a slow down stroke. 

Verse 1
(G) It's Sunday (Em) afternoon 
(C) sun is shining (D) sky is blue

(G) My favorite place (Em) just up the road
(C) Yeah think it's time that I (D) showed you 

(G) It's twenty acres (Em) with a cabin
(C) Grandaddy left it to me (D) when he passed on

(G)In his will he left a (Em) letter to me
(C)He said fill this place with love (D)it's our family tree

(G)It's where I wanna grow old 
(D)It's where I wanna hold you 
(Em)Through the winter cold 
(D)And long into the future
(G)Have some kids
(D)And you as my wife
(Em)I know I'm dreamer but 
(D)I think that's alright
(G)So what d'say? what d'you (D) say now?
(Em) Just say yes (D) never let you down

-repeat intro-

Verse 2
Me and my friends use to come round here
Raise some cane and drink too many beers
Those days are long past gone
I'm a man now that boy is grown
When I was growing up he would tell us stories
How Sherman spared the cabin during the Civil War
This place is beautiful sure as I love you
Sure as me plus you is two

-repeat chorus-

Verse 3
Years from now I can see us here
Kids growing up round us in our rocking chairs
We'll watch the sun sink low into the southern sky
From this porch I can it all just right

-repeat chorus- 

Really easy but still a beautiful song. Check out other Eric Dodd songs on his 
album "Time To Decide"
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