Eric Fish - Aragon Mill chords

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Dieser Song ist von Si Kahn.
Fuer alle Eric Fish Sympathisanten hier seine Interpretation,
die er bis jetzt nur auf Konzerten zum Besten gab
und (noch) nicht auf CD erschienen ist:

       Em                      Hm
At the east end of town at the foot of the hill 
          D                           C-D    Em
There`s a chimney so tall, that says "Aragon Mill"

            Em                     Hm
But there`s no smoke at all coming out of the stack 
    D                         C     D      Em
The mill has shut down and it never coming back 

        C    D      Em
And the only tune I hear,
Is the sound of the wind,
      C     Dsus2       Am
As it blows through the town,
          C     D         Em   Dsus2 - Em - Dsus2 - Em
Weave and spin, weave and spin

    Em                       Hm
I`m too old to work, but I`m too young to die
         D                     C   D        Em
Tell me, where shall we go, my old wife and I

           Em                     Hm
There`s no children at all in the narrow empty street
    D                            C     D       Em
The mill has closed down it`s so quiet I can`t sleep.

Yes, the mill has shut down
it`s the only life I know
Tell me, where will I go
         C     D      Em
Tell me, where will I go
(Refrain 2x)

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