Eric Hutchinson - New Years Eve chords

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(We Can Remember) New Yearís Eve  by: Eric Hutchinson
Chords by Mike Miller
Intro  (and in between verses)
Bb   Gm
Bb    Gm
Verse 1
Bb                  Gm
funny how time slips away
Cm          Gm11         F11
one more year gone by
Bb                  Gm
and our stories will convey
Cm          Gm11         F11
how our tears ran dry
Bb              Dm11        Gm     Gm7
things wonít be like before
Eb        Eb7          F
but iím pretty sure
Bb      [ch]Bb/F#[/ch]        Gm
spirits will endure
Cm                   F              Bb
and we can remember new yearís eve
Verse 2
take your eye off of the clock
you can hold time still
opportunity will knock
leaving you fulfilled
as an old year turns
think of what weíve learned
hope and promise burned
and we can remember new yearís eve
Cm                       F
people get bent out of shape
                  Bb                   Dm11          Gm
and searching out of plans they made for one big night
Cm                                     F
timeís a man made measure of business and pleasure
D                               Gm  
and it starts to take over our lives
and we let it
Eb/ F
oh we canít forget
Verse 3
when we look back on these days
we will find some truth
in the year that patiently
celebrated youth
save the season for your friends
smiles will transcend
this is not the end
and we can remember new yearís eve
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