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Erland - My Love tab

performed by ERLAND
written by Erland Wanberg
Capo is on the 7th fret - use a key of D harmonica

The (  ) stands for an optional note. I go for the "optional" note each time but 
sometimes it ends up muted as I change to the next position.


E ----------14------------------12---------------------14------------------10-----------|
B ----10-------10----------10------10-----------10--------10----------8-------8---------|
G -------11---------(11)-------9----------(9)--------11----------(11)---------------0---|
D -12------------12-----11-----------11-------9--------------9----------9-------9-------|
A ------------------------------------------------------------------10------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E ----------14---------------------12--------------------14-------------14--------|
B ----10-------10-----------10--------10-----10----10------10----10----------10---|
G -------11----------(11)------------------------------11------------------11-----|
D -12-------------12-----------11--------11-----12------------12----12------------|
A -----------------------12-------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E ----12--------------|
B ----------10--------|
G --------------------|
D ------11------------|
A -12-----------------|
E --------------------|

CHORUS - picking pattern is basically the same but using open chord shapes (sorry I'm 
too lazy to tab the whole thing right now)

                                 (walk down)
B7               Em        C     C - C/B
Falling like the evening sun                   (walk down)
    Am                  D                  G - G/F#         Em
And when I'm left to burn out like the stars and broken ones
       C          D
My love,  It's you I've been thinking of (back to the verse)

                                    (quick change)
C             G         D           Em  D
I'm a Jealous guy I hope you realize
        C               D              Em                Bm
That I'll be writing songs about you till I make you mine
C                       Cm                            D        D7
Sorry as it seems I'm still living on dreams about you

SHORT CHORUS (after harmonica solo)

               B7                Em       C (let ring)
You've got me falling like the evening sun


Verse 3x
Verse 3x
Verse 1 x
Verse 2x (harmonica solo)
Short Chorus
Verse 4x fade out on the fourth time
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