Ernest Tubb - Thanks A Lot chords

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Recorded by Ernest Tubb
Written by Eddie Miller and Don Sessions

[G] Thanks, thanks a [Em] lot
I got a broken [G] heart that's all I [Em] got
You made me [G] cry and I [C] cried a lot
I lost your [G] love, [D] honey, thanks a lot. [G]

You told our [Em] friends I was passing by [G]
That you're not [Em] sorry that you made me cry [G]
You said I deserved just [C] what I got
Well, if that's how you [G] feel, [D] honey, thanks a lot. [G]

You wanted a fool, and I played the part
Noow all I've got is a broken heart
We loved a little and you laughed a lot
Then you were gone, honey, thanks a lot.
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