Erykah Badu - Ad 2000 chords

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Transcribed by Wadner Auguste


Bm7, Bbm7,  Bm7

No they won't be naming.... repeat(2x)


Bm7, Am7, Bbm7, Bm7

This world done changed so much...

Bm7, Am7, Bbm7,Bm7   Gm7,
This world done changed              since I've been conscious repeat


oooh what in the world..... will we do
Amajor7,                     Cmajor7

(the Chorus goes back forth between these 2 Chords the returns back to

the verse)

   Bm7         Am7        Bbm7      Gm7

E-----7-----    -----5-----    -----6-----   -----x-----|
B-----7-----    -----5-----    -----6-----   -----3-----|
G-----7-----    -----5-----    -----6-----   -----4-----|
D-----7-----    -----5-----    -----6-----   -----4-----|
A-----x-----    -----x-----    -----x-----   -----x-----|
E-----7-----    -----5-----    -----6-----   -----3-----|

    Amajor7       Cmajor7
E-----o-----   -----3-----|
B-----3-----   -----5-----|
G-----1-----   -----4-----|
D-----2-----   -----5-----|
A-----o-----   -----3-----|
E-----x-----   -----x-----|
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