Estelle - Magnificent chords

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"Magnificent" - Estelle feat. Kardinall Offishall
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

Verse 1:
      A                   D                  A
Don't tell me you love me if it ain't really true
      A                   D                        A
Don't tell me you love me just cause you're in the mood
     C#m                                D
This thing i had for you, it's only for you my baby
     A                         D              A
I'll give it so swiftly if you start to act a fool
            A                    D                  A
So when you say that you love me do you really understand
      A                       D                    A
Cause lovin' ain't just about touchin' and holdin' hands
       C#m                                  D
It's a spiritual thing that's really really hard so baby
      A                    D                  A
Don't gimme no lies if you really wanna be my man

   F#m           E          D
My love is so magnificent baby
F#m               E              D
    If you really real come take it
   F#m           E          D
My love is so magnificent baby
F#m                E            D 
    If you really, if you really

Verse 2:
          A                   D                    A 
You ain't gonna be the one to tell me how much I'm worth
        A                 D                 A 
Cause I pulled myself out up from under the dirt 
         C#m                            D
You have got to believe me, what I have don't come easy
              A                             D                A 
And if you're ready like I'm ready then you gotta put in the work
        A                     D                           A 
Now you know I'm the real-est chick you've been waiting a while
            A                      D                     A 
And I ain't dealin with no Harvard boy cause he makes me smile
                C#m                              D
Cause you gotta step your game up, this is what i call a wake up
        A                           D                  A 
You can take it to the left because i'll always be the style

(repeat Chorus)

(reggae section by Kardinal Offishall)

(repeat Chorus)

Outro: (repeat till fade)
F#m              E               D
   If you really real, come take it 
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