Esthero - Crash chords

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Artist: Esthero 
Title: Crash (feat. Jonah Johnson)
Album: Everything Is Expensive
Tabbed by: Rachael Jessica

G                                               C
Crashed down on the floor, hold your breath and fall apart. 
    G                                                  C
You made a simple mistake and now you're paying for it with your heart. 
G                                                    C
Some of us make our own beds, but we can't afford to lay in them.
  Em                      D                      C
Remember I always have said you should leave me alone.

                      G                                           C
'Cause I don't wanna crash now I'm afraid, that I'm going nowhere way too fast.
    G                                                C
And I can't hear what you say, I'm in a conversation with my past.
    Em              D                               C
And maybe it wasn't brave, so much as brazen but it got me through. 
    Em                            D                       C
And somehow the path that I've paved just keeps leading me to you.

                   G         Cadd9
But I don't wanna crash now, mm mm.
                G            Am     G
I don't wanna crash now, mm mm mm. 

G                               C             
I shouldn't have been afraid to let you down, 
G                           C
I just wanna hold you in my arms again.
G                             C             
If only for a moment I could have you here, 
Em             D            C
Lady, I would never let you go.

                     G              C
'Cause I don't wanna crash now, no oh.
              G               C
I don't wanna crash now, no way.

Bb             Fm
Come on in the sun,
             G#                D#  
When you're scared, and facin' down. 
              Bb      Fm
'Cause here I am, in front of you, 
             G#   D#         
and you will not, be alone.

Gm         Em


Keep facing the sun you'll reach it one day,
C                                            Em          D            C
Baby don't look back 'til you get what you need, and you need to be free. 
And when the sun rolls down there's still tomorrow,
C                                           Em         D                   C
Don't you be afraid to let your sorrow breathe, your strength is all you need. 

G                     C  
Did you ever know you were the one? 
G                            C
'Cause I could hardly even tell.
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