Evan Wickham - King Forever chords

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Verse 1: 
B                       G#m                       C#m
You reign over everything You reign everlasting King 
Forever King forever 
B                           G#m                                  C#m
You are the Lord of all the earth You are the heart of Heavenís worth 
Forever King forever 

B        C#m     A              E
Oh Majesty, eternity will always be Yours Lord 
Oh Royalty, the victory will always be Yours Lord

Verse 2: 
Your love will never let us go Your love leads us to Your throne 
Forever King forever 
Our songs in spirit and in truth, our songs rise to worship You 
Forever King forever 


    E   G#m      F#              B       C#m   G#m         F#
The universe and all that is within will bow before You Lord 
And every eye will see You as You are and every heart will know 

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