Exile - Give Me One More Chance chords

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Won?t you give me one more chance 
Maybe we can make a little romance 
No reason why you and me  
      C                            G    
Can?t get it back together like it used to be 
Gimme, gimme, gimme just another try 
If I can?t have you I?m gonna die 
G                C  
Give me one more chance 
D                G 
Give me one more chance  

         G                  D  G 
Do you remember how we used to be 
        C             G 
When we had a love so true 
            G                     G  G/F# Em 
You were my confidant, I was your closest friend 
A7                     D 
Someone I could always turn to 
Then like a fool I let you slip right through my hands 
C                 G 
Oh I let you get away 
    G                             G   G/F# Em  
Now I?ve come runnin? back hoping you will let me 
G            D         G 
Back in your heart someday 
I?m so alone here without your touch 
And it seems like a lifetime to me 
Oh darlin? can?t you see right now I know 
How wrong one man can be 
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