Feeder - Tumble And Fall chords

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song: "Tumble and Fall"
artist: Feeder
album: Pushing the Senses (2005)

Capo on 6th fret.

All chords relative to capo.

Intro = G, Em, G, Em

(Verse 1:)

G            Em
All this for nothing, yeah, yeah, yeah

G           Em
Praying and hoping

             Am                      C
Fooling yourself, you know that you can

             Am                  C
Give love a reason, give love a chance


              G                 Em
We tumble and fall, together we crawl
              C   D           G
Forever we'll be, tumble and fall

(Verse 2:)

G           Em
Heavens above us, yeah, yeah, yeah

G          Em                   Am
Living in solace, i give you it all

           C                Am
Just for a day, just for a second

Just for the way 

(repeat chorus)


               Em   Am   C
Life's not the same

           D                Em     Am    C
Since that day you went away I recall

           D               Em      Am      C
Like the drops of summer rain that fell on me

Am               C
Come back to me

Come back to me

Em            G
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Em          Am
Yeah, yeah, yeah

C           Am        C
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(repeat chorus again)
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