Ferlin Husky - Gone chords

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(Now you've) Gone
Ferlin Husky 1957      by Rick in Macon

C                     F        C
Since you've gone the moon the sun
    G7           C
the stars in the sky
F                     C
know the reason Why I cry.
G7     C    G7       C
Love divine once was mine.
G7         C    F  C
Now You've gone.
G7           C       F        C
Since you've gone my heart my lips
   G7          C
my tear dimmed eyes
  F                     C
a lonely soul Within me cries.
G7    C     G7         C
Acted smart broke your heart.
G7         C    F    C
Now you've gone.
 (N.C.)    G7
Oh-o-o-o-o-oh what I'd give
        C  F          C    C7
for the lifetime I've wasted
    F              C
the love that I've tasted.
G7    C
I was wrong.
G7         C
Now you've gone. 
       F          C 
FADE:  Now you've gone

Rick in Macon
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