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Firefall - Strange Way tab

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Strange Way 
Words and music by Rick Roberts

INTRO -- Bb     C     Dm9     Bb

Bb                      C                      Dm9                  Bb
Didnít I hear you cry this morning, didnít I feel you weep

Bb                         C                   Dm9             Bb
Teardrops flowiní down on me, like rivers in my sleep

Bb                             C                       Dm9                   Bb
And in my dream of laughter, you came creepiní with your fears

Bb                     C                   Dm9                Bb
Telling me your sorrows, in the tracings of your tears

Dm                C               Bb              C
Thatís a strange way to tell me you love me

Dm                  C            Bb     C
When your sorrow is all I can see

Dm                  C             Bb     C             Bb
If you just want to cry to somebody,       donít cry to me, no

Bb               C     Dm9     Bb
Donít cry to me,        no

Bb                 C               Dm9          Bb
Didnít I hear your voice this morning, didnít you call my name
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Bb            C                     Dm9              Bb
I heard you whisper softly, but the words were never plain

Bb                 C                  Dm9              Bb
And in your dream of darkness, I came shininí like the sun

Bb               C                Dm9         Bb
Waiting for the laughter, but the laughter never comes


Bb               C             Dm9                  Bb
Didnít you feel alone this morning, didnít you need a friend

Bb              C                 Dm9            Bb
And in your darkest hour, you came runniní back again




(Note: Ordinarily, only the top four strings are played throughout the song. The 
5th and 6th strings, A and E, are not played and left silent. And, in all chord 
forms throughout the song, the D string is played, but not fretted, leaving the 
open D string to pedal throughout the song. On the Bb for example, the first 
finger is placed on the first fret of the high E string, the little finger on the 
third fret of the B string, and the ring finger on the third fret of the G 
string. The D is left open. For the C chord that follows, just move the entire 
chord form up two frets, which should leave the index finger on the third fret. 
The Dm9 is played like an Am, but the middle finger is lifted to leave an open G.)

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