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Flaming Lips - Do You Realize tab


 C    B    A    G    F   Fm    D   Em

-0-  -0-  -0-  -3-  -1-  -1-  -X-  -0-
-1-  -0-  -1-  -0-  -1-  -1-  -3-  -0-
-0-  -0-  -0-  -0-  -2-  -1-  -X-  -0-
-2-  -X-  -2-  -0-  -3-  -2-  -4-  -2-
-3-  -2-  -0-  -2-  -3-  -2-  -5-  -2-
---  ---  ---  -3-  -1-  -1-  ---  -0-


Do you 

   C      B                 A                B       F 
Realize           that you have the most beautiful face?  Do you

   C      B      A                         D
Realize                we're floating in space?  Do you 

   F      Em          A                G     F 
Realize           happiness makes you cry?  Do you 

   C      B                A          F     Fm         C
Realize           that everyone you know someday will die?


And in-

  F              A              D
Stead of saying all of your goodbyes,

Let them know



   C           F
Realize that time goes fast

       C                 G
It's hard to make the good things last

       C             Em
You realize the sun don't go down

       G                 F            Fm             C
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round.


Sorry I don't have the proper chord names (that's what happens when you're self-taught)
 There's a key change shortly thereafter, but I didn't really want to take the time to
transcribe it.  Hope this is close enough for your purposes!
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