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Flower Travellin Band - Unaware chords

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                            Flower Travellin Band
                             Made in Japan (1972)

Em             G                      Am
Unawa..........are;  I had constantly been lookin' for

Em                 G                          Am
my place of death  Goin' from place to place, oh yeah

           Em          Bm
goin' from job to job  None of these things meant anything to me, 'til one 
day, it came to me 

* For the A#, simply bar an E chord shape at the sixth fret

The song then just repeats these chords for a long time... the final breakdown part that begins around 4:36 is simply Em with a rhythm that you'll have to get be listening to it.  Just so you know, I'm not 100% about the lyrics.  They're from Japan, and the words are a bit hard to make out sometimes.
Amazing song.

Official website:

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