Foster And Allen - A Bunch Of Thyme chords

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I think this is originally an English traditional song, but was made famous
in the 70s by Foster and Allen, a duo from Ireland. The chords work in
simple strumming patterns or just play them with a simple picking method.

3|2|0|0|0|3 G
x|x|0|2|3|2 D
x|x|0|2|1|2 D7
x|2|4|4|3|2 Bm
3|2|0|0|0|1 G7
x|3|2|0|1|0 C

     G      D                 G
Come all ye maidens young and fair
     G            Bm              D7
And you that are blooming in your prime
G         G7       C                D7
Always beware and keep your garden fair
    G       D7             G
Let no man steal away your thyme
    G        D              G
For thyme it is a precious thing
    G            Bm                D7
And thyme brings all things to my mind
G                   G7          C                 D7
Thyme with all its flavours*, along with all its joys
G              D7               G
Thyme, brings all things to my mind
G       D               G
Once I had a bunch of thyme
  G            Bm         D7
I thought it never would decay
     G             G7          C                 D7
Then came a lusty sailor, who chanced to pass my way
     G        D7              G
And stole my bunch of thyme away
     G      D            G
The sailor gave to me a rose
  G          Bm           D7
A rose that never would decay
   G          G7     C         D7
He gave it to me to keep me reminded
    G       D7              G
Of when he stole my thyme away

*sometimes i have heard versions where they say "labours" instead of "flavours", so use 
either on preference :)
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