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Foster The People - Love chords

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  Cm              Cm       Gm    Cm     Cm      Cm      Gm      Fm
G|--1-x----1-x-| This is repeated through all the verses.
Hello, my name is Mark 
I play gentlemen's games
And I can slip through and creepin'
Through the night's parade
I shake a hand or two
I tip my hat to you
I'm always runnin' and a-jumpin'
Like a fool who would do
On through the wild, I see her
She sees me we could be something, it's exciting
I wanna run away
But I don't move, I stay
I talk to her, I say
You you you were meant for me
Oh I can't speak, I think I'm falling in


Ab    Bb    Cm             
Love, love, love
Bb         Cm       
  It could be a wonderful
Ab    Bb   Gm
Thing like love
Fm      Cm 
 It can make you crazy

Sarah, she's a cougar
Got moves like barracudas
On the hunt for the ones
That look under twenty two years
Got her head up high
High heels that match her thighs
And she be spending lots of money
Her friends, think she's real funny
She says "hey look at me"
"You will see that I'm a queen"
Got experience to give up
Like you never lived
But all the boys just run
She never has a fun
Oh yeah, but Sarah
She don't care, she keeps looking
Cause she's hoping for

Chorus x2

Oooh ooh ooh oooh ooh yeah yeah [x2]

With chords from chorus:

I got the fever
Got the fever
Got the fever yeah,
I said she's got the fever
Got the fever
Yeah, I'm falling in love
He's got the fever
Got the fever
Got the fever
They've got the fever
Got the fever
Yeah I'm falling in

Chorus x2
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