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Francis Dunnery - Too Much Saturn tab

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Too Much Saturn
Francis Dunnery
Tall Blonde Helicopter

This is a story about severe emotional problems

I always believed that if I ran off to India
Wore sandals and shaved my head

And used Body shop conditioner, and incense like crazy
I could call myself a spirit head

But I only went to India to look on top
I wore sandals cause Id smoked all my money

And I shaved off all my hair cause I had the fleas
Id been sleeping all over

And the Body shop conditioner was a present from a friend
And the incense used to hide the smell

Of the drug den where I lay, Yeah

         C                  Bb
And so I ask myself what my motives are

For this lying need to look so free

         C                Bb
And if I tell myself real honestly

What more can I admit to, open up a door

He said Im gonna find out what Im here for

F                    Gm(7)  <<< 7th optional in my opinion
He said Id find out soon

F                         C          Bb      F
I got too much Saturn and not enough Moon

So now that you know why I dont love you
And now that you see why Im so scared

Am I a good man ?

Am I a deep deep man ?


Credit goes to Jay Alosa.
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