Frank Ocean - Pyrite Fools Gold chords

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This song only uses a couple of chords, but it's deceptively difficult due to the
strumming pattern and Frank Ocean's frequent use of hammering and pulling. The following is
just the basic chord sequence, so I highly recommend listening to the song closely to 
try and pick up some of the nuances. Comments and suggestions welcome; this is just a 
rough attempt.

Chords used (EADGBe):
Em - 022000
Cadd9 - 032030
Em7 (?) - 022030
G - 320033
Gmaj7 - 2x0033
Cmaj7 - 032000

Intro / Verse
Em - Cadd9 (I think he throws Em7 in there sometimes, but I'm not sure)

Four measures of each.

Prechorus / Chorus
G - Gmaj7 - Em - Cmaj7 - Cadd9

Two measures each of the first three, one measure each for Cmaj7 and Cadd9.

That's about it. Great song, couldn't find chords for it anywhere else so I hope people
get some use out of these!
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