Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus chords

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Dm    |Dm/C                 |G7           |              | 
Whoa,     are we moving too  slow                have you

Bb       Dm7|           |Gm7        Bb/F|              |
seen     us      Uncle   Rem-       us,              We

F              |               |Gm7       |              |
look pretty sharp in these clothes,                    un-

Dm7              |             |G7/B      |              |
less we get sprayed   with a hose                It ain't

F            |                 |A7               |       |
bad in the day         if they  squirt it your way

Dm7              |             |G7        |              |
'cept in the Winter  when its froze                 and its
Bb   A  G  F  |         A7     |Dm          |G7          |
hard if it hits         on your nose, on your nose

Bb7         A7|                  |
                    Just keep your

Dm           |Dm/C               |G7          |                |
nose            to the grindstone they say         will that re-

Bb         Dm7|                |Gm7        Bb/F|               |            
deem       us            Uncle  Rem-       us          I can't

F              |               |Gm7           |                |
wait till my fro     is full grown                    I'll just

Dm7            |               |G7/B          |                      |
throw way my doo rag        at home              I'll take a ride to

F              |               |A7            |                |
       Beverly Hills            just before dawn           and

Dm7             |               |G7              |              |
knock the little jockeys off the rich people's lawns      and be-
Bb   A    G   F |       A7     |Dm            |G7               |
fore they get up        I'll be gone,  I'll be gone           be-
F    G    G#  A |       Bb7    |Dm                  |G7              |
fore they get up        I'll be knockin them jockeys  off their lawns

Bb7             |A7            |
    (down in the  dew)
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