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Fred Neil - Everybodys Talkin tab

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This song is pretty simple, it's cool cos you can do so much will the instrumental,
hope you enjoy, it's my first tab!

Intro: D Dmaj7 | D6 Dmaj7 | D6 Dmaj7 |

Verse 1: D Dmaj7        D6     Dmaj7
           Everybody's talkin' at me
           I can't hear a word they're saying
         Em7 A         Em7   A          D Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7
              Only the echoes- of my mind
          D Dmaj7  D6        Dmaj7
            People stopping, staring
            I can'y see their faces
         Em7 A          Em7  A            D Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7 
              Only the shadows of their eyes
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Chorus:  Em7                 A
        I'm going where the sun keeps shining
         D                D7
        Thru' the pouring rain
        Em 7                 A           D D7
        Going where the weather suits my clothes
        Em7                 A
        Backing off of the North east wind
            D                   D7
        And sailing on a summer breeze
        Em7                  A             D Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7
        Tripping over the ocean like a stone

Instrumental: | D Dmaj7 | D6 Dmaj7| D7 | D7 |
              | Em7 A | Em7 A | D Dmaj7 | D6 Dmaj7||

 Chorus: Same as before

 Outro: Everybody's talkin' at me (etc)
        | D Dmaj7 | D6 Dmaj7 | about 6x
         End with final D chord !

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