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Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Mass Choir - Bow Down And Worship Him tab

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I have heard this done by Paul Morton and others BUT I do not know who wrote it so
email me if you know the author so I can give credit. It is and awesome song and this is my
and is not the Paul Morton version. It is very easy to sing to for most praise teams; 
those that use guitar.

Bow Down and Worship Him

Em         D/F#      G
Bow down before the Lord
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   C     D   G         C
Worship Him, O worship Him

Em        D/F#       G
Bow down before our God

 C    D   G        C
Enter in, O enter in

Consuming fire

And sweet perfume

His awesome presence

 Am         D
Fills this room

 Em       D    G
This is Holy Ground (repeat)

 C           D        Em
So come and bow, bow down