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Future Of Forestry - You And I chords

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Verse 1:
[G] Water for the thirsty
Wholeness for the meek
[Em7] Shelter and foundation for the [Cadd9] weak
[G] Friendship for the lonely
Riches for the poor
[Em7] Fulfillment for the ones who yearn for [Cadd9] more

[D/F#] You are [Em7] what I long for
[D/F#] You are [Cadd9] what I need

When it's [G] You and I
Then my [D/F#] heart can sing
When it's [Em7] You and I
Then my [Cadd9] soul is free
You are [G] all my life
You are [D/F#] all my strength
You are [Em7] all my hope
You are [Cadd9] everything

Verse 2:
[G] So take me to the inside
The inside of your heart
[Em7] Take me to the depths of who You [Cadd9] are
[G] Shake me with Your wonder
Stir me with Your grace
[Em7] Lighting every dark and empty [Cadd9] space


You are [Bm7] here, You surround [Cmaj7] me
Glory [Em] falls from the [Dsus4sus6] fountain of Your beauty
You are [Bm7] now, You surround [Cmaj7] me
Glory [Em] falls from your [Dsus4sus6] tender hand of mercy
You are [Bm7] God, You surround [Cadd9] me
Glory [Em7] falls from Your [D/F#] love


Bridge Chords (my version):

     Bm7    Cmaj7     Em  Dsus4sus6
G|---2------ 0--------0-------0------------------------------------------------|
D|---0-------2------- 5-------4------------------------------------------------|

everything else i just play holding the the 3rd fret on the b and e string and move around 
the two bass notes (including the D/F# so technically it's a Dsus4/F# this is 
really easy if you use your thumb for the F#)

hope this helps! this is my first tab submission! finally giving back!
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