Gaelle - Love You More chords

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Dm         Am
Come to my arms
i'll take you to a place

so far away

Dm           Am
here in this space 
i'll wash your tears away

with no delay

Dm         Am
here in my arms
i'll have everything you deserve

Dm         Am
quick in a flash
i will be there just say the word

but if you wait…

you can wait a life time
Am                          Bb
look low and high and never find

peace mind

all you can know for sure is
Am                       Bb
that i can love you even more

that's for sure love you more

Dm          Am                 Bb
others have come and they have walked away

and brought heart break

Dm             Am             Bb
though you may fear that i am just the same

i'm not that way

Dm         Am      
here in my heart 
i'll have everything that you need
Dm          Am
if you give back
i'll receive it just wait and see cause…


Dm         Am             Bb
i'm on the out side looking in and i can not find the door
Dm       Am               Bb
i have confessed from deep with in and i can't take this no more
Dm          Am    Bb
will you be there
Dm          Am    Bb
or would you care

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