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Garbage - You Look So Fine chords

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             Em            C
You look so fine, I want to break your heart 
              G                     D
And give you mine. You're taking me over 
It's so insane, you've got me tethered and chained 
I hear your name and I'm falling over 

         C                  G
I'm not like all the other girls 
         Em                     Hm
I can't take it like the other girls 
          C                      G
I won't share it like the other girls 
That you used to know 

G            Em C G D
You look so fine...

C           G
Knocked down, cried out 
Em       Hm
Been down just to find out 
I'm through
              Em D
Bleeding for you 

I'm open wide, I want to take you home
We'll waste some time, you're the only one FOR me
You look so fine, I'm like the desert tonight
Leave her behind if you want to show me

<3: fake>


You're taking me over 
Over and over 
I'm falling over 
Over and over 

(Drown in me one more time)
(Hide inside me tonight)
(Do what you want to do)
(Just pretend happy end)
(Let me know let it show)
(Ending with letting go) }x3
(Let's pretend, happy end) }x4
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