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Garrett Davis - Story From North America chords

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I searched for tabs and found some on a youtube video, but noticed they weren't up 
here... But the ones in the video were a note higher than these ones. I have 
played it both ways, and can't decide which one sounded better. So anyway, here 
you guys go.

E B Dbm/C#m A

E                   B             Dbm/C#m A      E B E
Here's a story from North America.
E                 B
Daddy daddy daddy hurry.
  Dbm/C#m       A       E B E
I saw something scurry.

E                   B
Son what's all this screaming for?
Dbm/C#m               A                    E B E
You're gonna wake the neighbors next door.

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the part where the lyrics say, " "Swallow 
your pride" and the son is sitting there with his 'pride' on a plate. All I can 
tell is that it might be a minor note.
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