Gary Moore - No Reason To Cry tab

			     No Reason to Cry - Gary Moore
Tabbed by: Archer18

Tuning: EADGBE

D|--14--------------------------------- 14---|


A		              D	              A	
If you could see inside my heart,
		            F#m                  D	     A 	
you'd see a loneliness right from the start.
	               F#m		D	       A  A/G#  F#m	
Feels like laughing love has passed me by.
	             A	        E		       D  C/D  B  A
These days I need no reason to cry.

A		               D		A
If you could feel the way I feel,
		              F#m	         D		A
you'd know that every word I say is real.
		        F#m	       D	                 A  A/G#  F#m
Seems like laughing love can pass you by.
                    A           E               D  C/D  B  A   
These days I need no reason to cry.

A  A/G  F#m E

E				         D	          A   A/G#   F#m  E  
I always knew I would have to let you go.
	                    E			          D	    F#m	
The years go by and the only thing I know
			A	             E
is that I love you still.

A	                    D               A
If I could see your face today,
	                  F#m          D       A
then all the emptiness'd be far away.
	        F#m                       D               A   A/G#  F#m	
All the loneliness would pass me by.
	              A                     E         D  C/D  B  A  
Then I would have no reason to cry.

Intro Lick

Solo - F#m
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