Gavin James - Remember Me chords

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Saw Gavin supporting Ryan Keen in Southampton and thought he was amazing, couldn't 
find a tab for Remember Me so tried to work one out.

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 7th Fret

(Intro) C Em7 F C G


            C                              Em7
Would you remember me, when we were only seventeen

                    F            C                G
When we were living in, our dreams, when we were young.

                  C                                Em7
And all of those midnight skies, swallowed up our childish eyes,

                  F             C                  G
Everything we thought, was a lie, when we were young.


                   Am                     C
I know when your world it shakes it can, make you ache, it can

  F                  C
Bring you to, your knees.

               Am                    C
But it's not where you go, it's just where you're going, 

      G                F
And who's, the company

              Am                    C
Through the tears we cry let them, pass us by

          F                 C
And get washed into the sea,

           Am            C                      G (Let ring)
Won't you just remember me, when I was your life,

I was yours and you were mine.

It follows the same pattern from there, hope that's enough to get you started :)
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