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Lyin' Down The Middle
Intro: E  G A (4X) E

           D                            A 
Think that lyin' down the middle of the road
is drivin' me insane
               D			      A
Three thousand miles I have come with a heavy load
But I know she's not to blame it's all the same

E			      D
San Bernardino fourteen miles see that sign
While the sound of concrete rhythms rolls 'cross my mind
  E				D
I know I didn't mean to fall so far behind
        Bm           A              E    G A  E  G A 
And I'm drivin' this road to get to you

About this time she should see the early dawn
And know that I was gone again last night
She leaves a light in the window so I'll see
She was there alone again last night

All the while I'm thinkin' about the things she said
With the sound of concrete rhythms rollin' through my head
Miles more than lonely though my love's not dead
And I'm drivin' this road to get to you

Chorus and end w\ intro

by: Josť Duarte
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