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Gentry Montgomery - Lonely And Gone tab

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I can't believe I finally figured this song out! It took me two years, but here it is 
thanks to Steven Helton, the signature riff. By the way, in the last lines of the verses 
the chorus, you play each of the chords in that string once except for the last for the last one.


Intro: Riff x2

              E                      D
Pulled in the driveway picked up the paper
         A                    E
Found my key and unlocked the door
         E              D
I walked in felt like a stranger
         A                E
Like I'd never been there before
     C#m B    A    E   F#m
As I wandered room to room
       C#m B  A  E  B
It was silent as a tomb

Could've heard a tear drop
Could've heard a heart break
Never saw the flood come
Even though I felt the rain
Never heard a house sound
So loud with memories
            C#m          A
Where there used to be a happy home
       C#m      B    A E B                Riff
In the house on the corner of lonely and gone

                    E                D
If she talked about leavin' I wasn't listenin'
                   A                 E
If she showed me a sign well I never saw
               E                  D
Did she stop believin' did I stop givin'
             A                   E
Can't put my finger on what went wrong
        C#m  B   A     E    F#m
Now the quietest noise I'm told
       C#m   B  A    E   B
Is the sound of letting go

(Chorus x2)

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