George Gershwin - Embraceable You tab

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Embraceable You- George & Ira Gershwin
Tabbed by Robin Young

Dozens of girls would storm up
I had to lock my door
F#m       D7
Somehow I couldn’t warm up
   Eb9 D7 G     Am7  D7
To one be-fore

What was it that controlled me?
F#7                    B
What kept my love-life lean?
F#7              B
My intuition told  me
           Am7    G
You’d come on the scene

      Em     A9     Em     A9    Em   Em6   Em
Lady, listen to the rhythm of my heartbeat
A7         Am  D    Am   D Am   D  Am  D
And you’ll get just what I mean

G             C#dim             D7      Am11     Fm6  D7
   Embrace me,      my sweet em-brace-a-ble you
Am            F7     D7    G       D7sus4   G
   Embrace me,   you ir-re-place-a-ble    you
Em       Em7     Em6     F#7        Bm    Bb+   Bm7  E7
Just one look at you, my heart grew tipsy in  me
D       D#dim   A7                 D7
You and you   a-lone bring out the gypsy in me

G           C#dim          D7       C       Fm6  D7
  I love all      the many charms a-bout you
Am          F7   D7      G7     D7sus4   Bbm6  G7
  Above all,   I want my arms a-bout   you
C            Am6     B7
  Don’t be a naughty baby
Em               Eb+     G     Em6
   Come to papa, come to papa, do
G             Cm6     D   G
  My sweet Em-brace-a-ble you


(repeat chorus 1&2- end on G)
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