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Ghost Mice - Spain tab

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Artist: Ghost Mice
Song: Spain
Album: Europe

Not a complicated song by any measure. Strum the root note of each chord twice, then 
the entire chord.

C - G - Bm - C

(Last two chords are barred)

At the end of the street there is a statue of christopher columbus
He's got his arms up in the air and he's pointing us towards home

There's people selling pigeons and they're selling squirrels for pets
There's a tiny toy piano being played by a toad

And there's parrots in the trees and the beach is blue and green and the Hills are think 
plants that we've never seen

We sat on that bench together
It is the worlds largest

Bright mosaic tiles crafted by some great dead artist
All of this is nice and all of this great but the tell the truth im

Thinking about bloomington today
Yes, all of this is nice, yes all of this is great, to be honest all i can Think about 
bloomington today!
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