Ghost Mice - Please Quit Smoking Mom chords

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Intro: Bluesy, listen to get the strumming/pattern


A5                             B5
The first words that you ever said to me were 
          E5                       A5
"that's not my baby, that baby's japanese," 
          A5                  B5 
and you begged the nurse to take me away and 
bring you the right baby but 
      A5               E5-A5-E5 
she swore that i was yours. 
        A5                 E5-A5-E5
Yea she swore that I was yours

     A5                  B5
i remember when we tried celery. 
      E5                A5
you didn't like it any more than me. 
    A5                B5
we both spit it in the trash and 
that was the last time that you 
 A5          B5     E5-A5-E5   E5  F#5
ever made me try anything. 
 A5       C# - F#       
you had it rough growing up. 
C#                   F# - E       F#-C#
you don't have it rough no more. 
 A5       C# - F#       
i wish that you would realize that you're 
C#      F# - E       F#-C#
never gonna be poor. 
 A5             C# - F#       
you worked so hard to get where you are. 
C#           F# - E                  F#-C#
you should try to enjoy it some. 
 A5          C# - F#           C#-E
please won't you try to have some fun? 

but you don't have to if you don't want to. 


A5                   B5
i wish you'd try a burrito 
       E5                 A5
and i wish you would try rice. 
A5                    B5
i wish you'd go to ireland or 
   E5        A5
someplace nice. 
A5                      B5
i don't see what my car insurance 
E5              A5
has to do with you. 
    A5                   B5
i wish you'd leave my things alone and 
   E5             A5
stay out of my room.

    A5 (smoother)                        E5          A5
but you don't have to if you don't want to. 
              E5                                     A5
no, there's only one thing that i really want you to do 
   E5                          A5
and i'm only asking because i love you. 
  A5         B5      E5
please quit smoking mom.
please quit smoking mom.
please quit smoking mom.
please quit smoking mom.

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