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Ginny L Hunter - Ginnys Song chords

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Title (Temporary): Ginny's Song #1
Original Instrument: Piano
Tempo: Ballad
Tuning: Standard

Arranged and Tabbed by Vihan A.w; Lyrics by Ginny L. Hunter



Verse 1

Bb                         Amb5
  My head is spinning; my mouth is dry
Eb/G               F    (F -  G - Bb)* - These are just melodic notes*
  My eyes burn so much I want to cry
Bb                             Amb5
  My thoughts are messed up and I can't think
Eb/G               F     
  I keep going I'm going to faint

Refrain 1

[ch]Gm/Ab[/ch]          Bb                 Cm              
  I'm just so lost and I'm pretty ill
Cmsus2                      Cm5sus2                F          
  It's funny how our weaknesses can cause one to shrill
        Eb                    Dm
  I'm going insane and I'm losing my mind
        Eb                          (F - G - Bb)
  If I could fix things now and go back in time

Refrain 2

           Gm         Eb  Ebadd6
  I would tell you I love you
           F                  Gm
  I would tell you you're the one
  Even though we were so young
       Gm       Eb  Ebadd6
  But now it's too late
  Cause now-you're-gone

Refrain 3
 Eb5                Fsus2  
  I never had the chance to tell you
            Gm, Bb/G
  You're my star
 Eb                Ab (F-D-C-Bb-C)
  I never had the chance to tell you
 F5sus2     Gm
  What you are...
  To me

(Piano Solo)

Eb5sus2, F/D, Fsus2, Gm, D/Gb 
Eb5sus2, F/D, F5sus2, F5 

(To be continued)
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