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Givegoods - Father Land tab

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Givegoods – father land
Tab by Christian Schlachter (
You can download the song in the internet. 
IŽm sorry for the lyrics. 

D#, G, Cm, G#, Gm, Cm
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D#          G        Cm    G#         Gm         Cm
this one is over the edge, this on is looking at you, 
D#          G                Cm     G#         G             Cm
youŽll come back when youŽre ready, I wonŽt go searching for you
D#             G          Cm           D#                G          Cm
cause I got my own little father land, youŽll start your own little try,
D#          G                     Cm             F          G#                  Bb
all of our friends theyŽll better stick to their stories, the truth was never implied,
D#       Bb          G#     Cm                       Bb
I got to know how it ended, the truth was always intended,
D#             Bb        G#      Cm Bb
I still got my own steam engine,