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Go West - Sos tab

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Words and music by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie.

A great Rock track that was featured on the first album. This is fairly
acurate altho I have not included the solo as it is pretty complex.


Em/Am/Bm X2

Verse 1
Em                     Am         Bm
Whatching your window, across the street we share
Em                   Am        
Eyes on your shadow, you are unaware

C        D        Bm7
        Un - a - ware---------------------

verse 2
Em                 Am           Bm
Picture a stranger,footsteps in gaberdine
Em                    Am        Bm
you sense the danger, something unforseen


C       D             C
Burning fires on your shore never
D           G
opened anny door


Im wasting my time
C                G               
you dont hear my S O S      
C     D   G/B
G           C                     Em7
The perfect crime to answer your S O S

C        D        C        D

(chords same as verse 1) 

verse 3
Leave you in silence
Change my identity
Second appearance
I will set you free

Repeat Verse1

Em        Am        Bm x3

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