God Help The Girl - The Psychiatrist Is In chords

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F                 A
   Grow up you're nearly thirty one.
Bb               C
   What happened when you were a child?
F            A
   Do you require an analyst?
Bb           C
   Or will a friendly smile suffice?

Bb                       Bbm
Find your space, are you breathing well
       F          F
Do you feel ok?
Bb                      Bbm
Are you calm, are you comfortable?
Gm                           C
   Is your heartbeat racing? Is this your soul you're facing?

F              A
   Lay down my couch is over there.
Bb                 C                         F
    I think you'll find its way more comfortable.
Take off your glasses. Don't be scared.
Bb             C                           F
    For thirty pounds, I'll listen to your stories dear.
Shut the window there.
          Bb                 Bbm
We should keep the session intimate, don't you agree?

F                       Bb
   I have experience in matters similar
F                         Bb
   I canít juggle I canít knit a pinafore
F                        Bb                     Gm        C
But Iíll listen to your tale and give you some advice

Bb Bbm F Bb Bbm Gm C

F         A
I was an ace when I was young
Bb            C                      F
I learned to dance, I didn't have to learn
I was a case when I grew up
Bb        C                     F
A case of hope, crashing to the ground.
I learned.  I hit the skids
       Bb                   Bbm
And I woke up me, myself and I was a different person

F                     Bb
If i take you on will you be pliable?
F                    Bb
As a confidante Iím quite reliable.
Dreamer, though you are
                          Bb          F
Is it you that's been my signpost so far

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