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Goldenhorse - Maybe Tomorrow tab

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I have no idea whether this is right or not, but it sunds pretty close so i
 thought I'd put it on anyway. It's very repetitive and the same chords are used
 throughout the entire song so there's not much to it.


C, G, F, C,
C, G, F, Am


C, G, C, Am


Oh Hermione, did you hear a word i said?
Did you ever know it all?
Been dropping clues like it's my job,
i changed the way i wear my tie to please you.

So i asked myself what will it take?
For you to see me in that way.
In the great hall, In the great hall,
I'll stand atop the table and scream, ill scream.

Your my favourite know it all but I've said that before,
I tried to talk to you but................ - (dont know this lyric)
I've seen you eyeing me as i eyed you,
It's becoming very clear what we want to do. (and that's eachother)


Harry's advice is ringing in my ears,
he said just do it, just do, just do it, just do it.


Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow i'll tell her the truth.
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