Gordon Jenkins - Blue Prelude chords

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Dm Bb13 A7

A7        Dm       [ch]Dm7/C[/ch]
Let me cry, 
let me sigh
When I'm blue
           Dm     [ch]Dm7/C[/ch]      Bb9 A9 A7b9  Dm  
Let me go way from this lone------ly town

[ch]Dm7/C[/ch]    Bb9 A7

Won't be long for my song
Will be thru
Cause I know I'm on my last go-round

Dm [ch]Dm7/C[/ch]              Fm   Bb9          A7 A7b9
All the love I could steal beg or borrow
Dm [ch]Dm7/C[/ch]                 Bb7            A7 Bb9 A7
Wouldn't heal all this pain in my soul
Bb7                        Bb9               Dm7
What is Love but a prelude to sorrow
Bb7                        Bb9               A7
With heartache ahead for your goal

Here I go, now you know
Why I'm leaving
Got the Blues, What can I lose....Good-bye.
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