Gorillaz - Stop The Dams chords

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I cant really tell when the chord changes but yeah. Im just giving you reference 
points on when to change with the words, 
because the chords sound right wherever you play them but anywho goodluck.
One more thing, you have to keep repeating the chords in this order throughout the 
entire song to the beat.
.           C       Em             Am      F
When you're smoking tinfoil in the morning 
C    E          F    Em
It's gonna be a cold day
            C       Em         Am         F
When you're keeping everything inside you 
C    E           F    Em
     It can only hurt you
(keep repeating through chords to beat of song)
F         C
Unrelated sounds 
    C              Em
The sun will shine again
F                   C 
You hold it in your hands 
C                  Em           Am                   F
This young land is a young land let it stay that way 
C   E              F     Em       C         Em                Am
Its pollution only turns you into something you don't want to see in the 
C      E             F         Em    C
  A reflection of them that you receive 
F                 C
You don't own the sun
    C                   Em 
And the sun won't shine again 
F               C
So maybe you're all in love
C         Em 
With Aluminium 

Then the rest is weird cuz its just the thing thats already in a tab on here
with the e and d string on the 12 th fret and the b on the 13, 
somethin like that. goodluck again!
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